Big 6 in Biopharma

Leading in Biotech & Pharma in 2025 & Beyond

Looking to understand the key development challenges facing the industry today? Our Big 6 in Biopharma podcast, led by Ashley Rapp of FirstWord, and managing directors Alan Slavik and Philippe Latapie of StratX, was designed to help prepare your teams for a successful 2025 and beyond through our three-episode series.

Episode 1: Leadership Challenges

To kick off the series, biopharma development experts discuss the top industry challenges in leadership development. Topics include dealing with the largest workforce generation moving into retirement, preparing employees to take on greater roles, and promoting gender parity.

Episode 2: Digital Engagement Trends

The sequel episode looks at leveraging customer engagement in a digital world. Join us for a discussion on embracing new digital marketing approaches, reshaping digital strategies to become customer-centric, and selecting the right digital tools.

Episode 3: Winning Commercial Strategies

Together with biopharma development experts, let’s take a closer look at creating winning commercial strategies. From the struggles of identifying a clear market, to the most common challenges facing global biopharma companies at the local level, it’s all discussed here.


Ashley RappAshley Rapp — Host

Alan SlavikAlan Slavik — Expert
Managing Director, Paris

Philippe LatapiePhilippe Latapie — Expert
Managing Director, Boston

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StratX is a leading provider of experiential learning and management development solutions to global companies, recognized for quality, innovation, and impact. We believe managers and leaders grow through shared experiences. With StratX as your management development partner, we co-create collaborative team experiences that encourage curiosity and unlock growth to help move your organization forward.

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Serving the pharma industry for over 15 years, FirstWord is a trusted news provider and intelligence leader. Our mission is to inform our growing audience of decision makers through daily news, analysis, data and physician-driven insights that span the intelligence needs of 260,000 global pharma professionals.